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DR Rushmini Maris Binti Ismail

REF: Doctor to doctor Sharing  about the modern epidemic,
         O B C T
Dear colleague in the medical world,
I hope you would glimpse through my letter in spite of your being so busy. I wish I could see you in person for an exchange of views and experience. But alas! time mercilessly dictates the affairs of doctors like us. In lieu of a visit let me speak through this communication and hope to hear from you on your experience as well.
As doctors we see more and more cases of obesity. The stubborn fat lump of protoplasm that cannot be removed by dieting and exercising is now termed notoriously as resistant obesity.
From my patients I gathered the following:
In the beginning, I am less than amused of my  reflection in the mirror
I tried to lose weight but ended up in famine and feasting cycle.
Doctor why, why  am I fat?  I am not overeating.
Exercise?  Oh, please, I exercise regularly .
Do I need liposuction?
From my experience treating obesity I gathered that:
Liposuction removes fat but definitely it will not help resistant obesity.
In resistant obesity fat is trapped in the body. It is energy that cannot be broken down to be used by the body as energy as the required hormones and enzymes are not sufficient to process it into energy. The body has to find other energy sources. It will make fuels from protein destroying the muscles in the process or demand more food by making us hungry. If we go against this demand  we become cranky and stressful. If we follow we come lumpier and more tired.
The body behaves like a car with the petrol not reaching the carburetor. This is a sign of metabolic failures. It means deficiency in the blood . Hormonal deficiency is not confined to just insulin. It could be other hormones such as thyroid , estrogen ,progesterone or dhea. Most of the time what meet the eye is obesity!
More important, I would like to share with you some recent findings from health scientists. This is about what is termed as insulin resistant referring to cases where insulin level is high but not able to burn down blood sugar. In this case studies suggest that the insulin is bounded to certain substances such as sugar or amine compounds. The insulin can be assayed but it cannot enter the mitochondria energy can be produced but it could perform some functions such as making more adipocyte  !! .The body recognize there is too much food by assessing the amount of insulin! This give an impact to the pancreas. Finally the islet die and the person gets diabetes.
I have applied these principles based on correcting of the patient’s hormonal balance in order to treat resistant obesity. I have helped to restore joy to over a thousand of my patients.  My clinic therefore dedicates to treating and making people with resistant obesity well again.
I thank you for your kind attention and hope to meet and network with you in the future.
Have a great day!


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